A review on environmental-friendly energy multidisciplinary exposition from goals to action

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Mir Sayed Shah Danish
Tomonobu Senjyu
Nadeem Faisal
Mohammad Zubair Stannikzai
Abdul Malik Nazari
José G. Vargas-Hernández


The world over-reliance on fossil fuels as a source of energy has led to a tremendous increase in environmental and climate change distresses. It has negatively impacted the ecosystem such that, if not checked, it will lead to dire consequences to the current population and jeopardize future generations’ well-being. The natural capital, being finite, can only sustain the world for several years. This paper analyses how technical, technological, economic, social, institutional, and political dimensions interact with sustainability. It also proposes the best approach to achieving sustainability goals proposed by the United Nations (UN). This empiric analysis paper relies on the literature review not analytical models. It comes up that there is no single methodology that will maintain sustainability requirements by 2030 independence, and every effort toward suitability needs specific measures of a unique nature. A multifaceted approach is ideal. It will take individuals, corporates, civil societies, non-state organizations, and governments to sustain sustainability significantly. All the above-listed dimensions influence environmental sustainability making it imperative to use relevant approaches in pursuing energy and environmental sustainability. Besides, cross-sector and intergovernmental methodologies are vital in achieving sustainable development. Therefore, this study focused on sustainability pillars expositions from lessons learned and examples, including political leadership, governance, policy, legislation, etc. That can influence sustainable development dimensions in achieving overall energy and environmental sustainability objectives. So, sustainability needs to be a global top priority list and executed as a matter of urgency.

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Danish, M. S. S., Senjyu, T. ., Faisal, N. ., Stannikzai , M. Z. ., Nazari , A. M. . and Vargas-Hernández, J. G. . (2021) “A review on environmental-friendly energy multidisciplinary exposition from goals to action”, Journal of Environmental Science Revolution . Okinawa, Japan, 2(1), pp. 1-9. doi: 10.37357/1068/jesr.2.1.01.
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Author Biographies

Mir Sayed Shah Danish, University of the Ryukyus



Tomonobu Senjyu, University of the Ryukyus


Nadeem Faisal, ITM University


Mohammad Zubair Stannikzai , Research and Education Promotion Association (REPA)


Abdul Malik Nazari , Kabul University


José G. Vargas-Hernández, University of Guadalajara



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